Why You Need Custom Glass Shower Doors Chicago, IL


One of the biggest reasons custom shower doors in a Chicago bathroom is different from a standard do it yourself kit may not be obvious. You may not realize this, but each piece of glass in a shower enclosure is custom cut to fit perfectly for any given space.

While it may depend on the glass company, glaziers will usually inspect the client’s shower enclosure to get all the required measurements. The individual pieces of glass are then cut with precision to these specifications. This easily accounts for irregularities obtuse or acute corners or slanted walls.



Another great characteristic of custom shower options is the wide range of possibilities available. Your unique shower enclosure in Chicago can feature different configurations like that of traditional square or rectangular, or it can be a neo-angle shape. It can also branch off into the creative and eye-catching with an interesting or asymmetrical design but your custom glass shower doors in Chicago will always fit.



Designing your shower enclosure can give your bathroom space a unique look but there are also a number of ways to finish it off with beautiful frameless shower doors in Chicago. Do you want double swinging doors? A single swinging door? Or perhaps a bypass door? When your glass shower door installation in Chicago is complete, they serve to enhance the style of your enclosure and help to redefine the entire area with a unique style.



There are four popular custom shower door designs that stand out for Chicago homeowners. These include clear glass, frosted, colored, and patterned. You can decide which glass shower doors in Chicago are right for your bathroom.

As clear glass offers a unique ability to open up the space, there are times when privacy glass is more appropriate for a homeowner. This style of glass shower door installation in Chicago is ideal for high traffic bathrooms, shared bathrooms, and guest bathrooms.



The finishing touch for your custom glass shower doors in Chicago comes when you select your hardware. You may go with frameless shower doors with limited metal or you might prefer shower enclosures with plenty of aluminum features. Either way, selecting the right hardware finish and the appropriate handles and hinges is a very important step in the finished look of your new shower door installation in Chicago from GP Glass Shower Door.